5 Leeds Brunch Spots You Need To Try

5 Leeds Brunch Spots You Need To Try

If there’s one thing I love to do on a weekend, it’s go out for brunch. I think I’d even go as far as saying I’ve come to prefer it to going out for dinner. There’s something about lying in on a Sunday, getting up at 10 and throwing on my comfiest clothes to head out for some delicious food that makes me feel all ‘hygge’ inside.

I feel like brunch is a relatively new thing and has only really become popular in the last 5 years or so. When I was a student in Leeds 8 years ago (ouch that hurt), there was nowhere near the choice there is now. If anything, there’s almost too much choice on offer now as new brunch spots are opening every week! And as time goes on, they seem to be upping their stakes as they compete to create the quirkiest avocado on toast in the city. Side note, I had one a few weeks ago that came covered in popcorn!

So anyway, being the brunch fan that I am, I thought it only fair to put together a little post featuring 5 of my favourite spots for brunch in and around Leeds at the moment.

1. Mill Kitchen 

So I may be a little biased with my first choice because Mill Kitchen is literally a stones throw away from where I live in  Farsley. Aside from the fact it’s my local though, I absolutely love this place. The creative hub of the town, Mill Kitchen is built into a historic textile mill and with it’s high ceilings and minimalist features, it really does make the perfect setting for a bite to eat and a spot of people watching. As soon as you walk in you get a sense of the relaxed and creative space that seems to have been so effortlessly created and the menu certainly reflects that too.

I have several favourites but if I had to choose one thing from their brunch menu it would definitely be the Goats Cheese Cornbread Muffin with Black Beans, Avocado, Roast Pepper and a Fried Egg. The Turkish Breakfast comes in as a close second. They also have a great selection of smoothies which they change up regularly. One of the best things about this place though is that brunch is served all day long! You’d be hard pushed to find that anywhere else!

All of their brunch options range from £4-8 which is amazing value for the quality of food and the portion size you get. Check out the menu here.

2. Ox Club

I wrote this post a few months ago about my visit to Ox Club after being completely blown away by all of the weird and wonderful ingredients in their brunch menu. This is definitely one of the ‘trendier’ of brunch spots in Leeds City Centre which it’s exposed brick walls and hanging makrame plants elude to as soon as you walk in.

The menu has so much choice and if you’re a sucker for extravagant ingredients like me you’ll love this place. I’m definitely going back soon for another round of their Steak and Cheddar Eggs with Tomato Chipotle Jam!

The brunch prices range from £6-10 which again I think is really good value for something that feels like quite a treat! Check out the menu here.

3. LS6 Cafe


If you’re going out as a group, LS6 might be the place you’re looking for as it’s menu has a good balance between both standard cooked breakfasts and something a little different. I used to visit this place as a student as it’s situated just  on the outskirts of Headingley. I went back a few weeks ago though to find that the whole of the inside had been refurbished with blush pink seating, hanging lights and flamingo wallpaper giving it a classy American diner kind of feel. 

The cooked breakfasts at this place are tip-top and they offer everything from a standard one to both a vegetarian and vegan version too. In fact their whole menu is great for vegetarians. They also offer great sweet options including a variety of french toasts and a Nutella and banana toastie- I will definitely be getting this next time I go!

The prices range from £2-8 for brunch which I think you’ll agree is great value. Check out the menu here!

4. Laynes Espresso

I’m sure you’ve already heard of this place as it’s pretty well known for its coffee in Leeds, especially as it’s situated just next to the train station. A buzzing espresso bar, it’s definitely got the atmosphere you’d expect from a popular city hotspot.

Although it’s coffee is amazing, I feel Laynes is less known for its brunch menu which is a shame as it’s got some delicious options. From the North-African breakfast Shakshuka to Mushroom Florentine, it’s certainly not a brunch menu to be overlooked. Paired with something from their coffee menu and you’re good to go!

Laynes don’t take bookings so I’d advise to get there early to beat the crowd. The prices again range from £4-8 which I think is brilliant considering the location. Read the menu here!

5. The Bowery

Last but certainly not least is one of my all time favourite cafes in Leeds. I feel the Bowery is somewhat a hidden gem at the far end of Headingley. From the moment you walk in you can tell it’s an Arts Cafe. The walls are covered in artwork, the shelves are full of goodies made by local crafters and there’s always someone tucked away at the back working on their laptop. It really has such a lovely laid back feel about it that I’d even suggest visiting here if not just for the atmosphere!

Aswell as the atmosphere though, the food is second to none. Everything is made fresh and the whole menu has a tasty but healthy kind of vibe. On my last visit I opted for Avocado on Toast topped with Slaw and a Fruit Fusion Smoothie and both were equally delicious. The Bowery is also highly commended for its coffee and they even offer a regular coffee school where you can learn the skills of a barista.

I really believe you need to visit this place to understand just how lovely it is. Unfortunately the menu isn’t available online, I imagine it’s because it changes quite regularly, but click here to visit the website where you can see what craft classes they have on offer aswell as everything else you need to know!