Rebuilding My Wardrobe

Rebuilding My Wardrobe


Last week when I got back from my holiday I had a strong urge to do a big wardrobe clear out. I was conscious that there were lots of other things that I should have been doing at the time, like starting on the 20 loads of washing we’d brought back or restocking the fridge, but when I get something in my head i just can’t shift it. So I proceeded to pull everything I owned from my wardrobe, making more mess than there was before in typical impatient Emma fashion. But hey, a girls gotta do what a girls got to do!

I’m not sure if I’m alone here, but going on holiday always makes me come home with that ‘clean slate’ kind of mindset. Having regained that valuable headspace you don’t get when you’re working day to day, it gives you a chance to mull over all the things you’ve unconsciously put off for the last few months. For me, something that’s been bothering me for a while now is my wardrobe.

I know everyone says this, but for the last year or so, every time I’ve ventured into my wardrobe I’ve felt like I’ve had nothing to wear. It really is silly because my wardrobe is crammed full of stuff and I couldn’t fit anything else in there if I tried. Having thought about it though, I’ve got a wardrobe full of things that don’t make me feel good.. for a long time I’ve been hoarding things that just aren’t very me anymore.

I think as you get older you just hold on to things because you no longer have the excuse of ‘I grew out of that 2 years ago’ (and the fact that Mum’s no longer buying all of your clothes for you). One thing I always forget though is that over the years I’m changing, and so is my taste too.

So having done the whole ‘out with the old’, it’s now time for ‘in with the new’. But to avoid panic buying a load of the wrong things, I’ve carefully put together a list of ‘wardrobe rules’ I’m planning to follow as I’m restocking my wardrobe for Autumn. Hopefully what I’m left with will be a wardrobe of clothes where each item is loved just as much as the next.


Back to basics

I’m so bad at keeping my wardrobe stocked with basic things like a plain white T shirt and a black cardigan. I always think they’re boring buys but I’m learning that they’re something that should be in there for layering with other more fun things. So before I buy anything I’m going to be making a list of all of the wardrobe staples I need and making sure I tackle those things first before I do anything else.

Invest in the good stuff

So even though my student days are well over now and I can actually earn a wage that can buy me more than club entry and a vodka coke, I still find myself cringing at the thought of spending more than £30 on a new top. What I have found though is that those items I have splurged on are still standing years later in my wardrobe… so they seem to be worth the investment! I’m not saying I’m going to be buying everything from All Saints going forward but I’m definitely going to be putting quality over quantity.

Think before you buy

If you’re a little impulsive like me and are very ‘now, now, now’ you’ll know exactly what I mean here. Sometimes I’m looking for something that’s so specific that the minute I see something remotely similar I’ve bought it within 3 seconds. Then a month later I hate it and I’m kicking myself for wasting my money. From now on, I’m going to try and give myself at least a week to think about something before I buy it.. and hopefully that will give me chance to decide if it’s something I do actually want and need.


Keep it capsule

I’ve seen so many videos on YouTube about building a capsule wardrobe and having originally been very skeptical about the idea, I’m now a convert. The whole idea of a capsule wardrobe is that you have a lot less stuff but you tweak it a little for every season. I find that I tend to wear my 3 favourite things every week anyway so I think it would help me to realise that I really don’t need as much stuff as I think I do.

A balanced approach

I’m hoping this one’s going to help me balance what I buy a little better. I’m one of those that will comfort buy a lot of the same thing, like a dress in 5 different shades of red or my Jamie jeans from Topshop in slightly different denims.  I think we all do that to an extent don’t we? Often when I’m looking for a nice evening top I can’t find one because tops just aren’t something I’m drawn to when I’m out shopping. So going forward I’m going to try and have a bit more of a balanced approach to what I’m buying.



Top- River Island (here) | Skirt- Boohoo (here) | Shoes- Deichmann (old)